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【Made in Japan 】AKADAMA Retro Red/Black Choker Necklace 16.14 inch

【Made in Japan 】AKADAMA Retro Red/Black Choker Necklace 16.14 inch


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Retro Red (赤珠AKADAMA)
Choker Necklace

Made in Japan

Materials : glass beads and plastic beads / Rhodium-plated clasps 
Measures : 16.14inch (about 41cm)


Made in Japan.
This necklace is a shorter necklace that feels like it fits the collarbone.

It will accentuate the simple design of your clothes.
to accentuate the simple design of your outfit.
Especially goes well with Japanese fashion style.


Beads that have been in production for over 20 years.
Gorgeous and old-fashioned
It is a nostalgic retro red bead.

The distinctive deep and beautiful red color is carefully and painstakingly painted by Japanese craftsmen.
Usually, beads are painted 3-4 times, but this special red color is painted 7 times, making it exceptionally beautiful and shiny, with high quality and resistance to deterioration.

This clasp is Japan vintage.
The gilding is thicker than that of the current version, so it is less susceptible to deterioration and its beauty lasts longer.

This product is delivered gift-wrapped.
Packaging design is subject to change without notice.
Thank you for your understanding.

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