About Us

Yotsuba-and-co. (Yotsuba Shoten) is an online store of the world beaded jewelry made with carefully selected materials and high quality craftsmanship from Japan.



We also offer to beads jewelry components for handcraft artists and those who enjoy creating beads jewelry as a hobby.


We carefully select vintage beads from all over the world,
especially from the Czech Republic, Germany, the U.S., and Japan, to support your creativity.


Among the products we carry are a wide variety of old products, called vintage, ranging from 30 to 100 years old, each with its own unique story.
We offer high quality beads jewelry components from Japan.




About me


store manager
Akiko Shibagaki


I love old items
I love glass
I enjoy listening to podcasts
I love essential oils and herbs


I have loved beads since my neighbor lady taught me the joy of making beads accessories when I was a child.


For about 10 years before I started Yotsuba-and-co.
I used to make lampwork beads and glass rings.



Of all the accessory components, I especially like glass beads and parts.