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【Made in Japan】"AKADAMA" Necklace AK05

【Made in Japan】"AKADAMA" Necklace AK05


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Made in Japan

Made in Japan

Materials : Glass / Plastic / Rhodium-plated 
Measures : 47cm


Glass beads necklace made in Japan.
with a technique called "all-knots".

It will accentuate the simple design of your outfit.


Beads that have been in production for over 20 years.
Gorgeous and old-fashioned
It is a nostalgic retro red bead.

The distinctive deep and beautiful red color is carefully and painstakingly painted by Japanese craftsmen.
Usually, beads are painted 3-4 times, but this special red color is painted 7 times, making it exceptionally beautiful and shiny, with high quality and resistance to deterioration.

This clasp is Japan vintage.
The gilding is thicker than that of the current version, so it is less susceptible to deterioration and its beauty.

This necklace is made using the all-knot technique.

The all-knot process is a technique used in the production of genuine pearl necklaces, where there is a gap between the beads to prevent them from rubbing against each other or being scratched.
The knots allow for movement and flexibility, and even in the unlikely event that the thread breaks, the damage can be minimized.

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