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【Made in Japan】Vintage Glass Baroque Pearl Bead

【Made in Japan】Vintage Glass Baroque Pearl Bead


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Vintage Glass Baroque Pearl Bead

Made in Japan / vintage / glass 


  1. Drop
  2. Oval A
  3. Oval B

Price is for one piece




This is a vintage Japanese Baroque glass pearl bead, 
originally produced in the 1970s for export to the United States.

Found tucked away in a Japanese bead factory warehouse, 
these beads have been preserved in remarkable condition.

Featuring a larger hole of approximately 2mm,
they are particularly suited for wirework.

These beads are very rare and offer
a unique piece of craftsmanship from a bygone era.

This item is available in Limited Stock.
The pearl color, painstakingly applied over time,
is resistant to peeling, ensuring longevity of use.

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