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【Made in Japan 】Vintage Glass Pearl Beads Tahiti color

【Made in Japan 】Vintage Glass Pearl Beads Tahiti color


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Japan Vintage Glass Pearl Beads Tahiti color

Made in Japan / contemporary / glass 

Size and Qty.

4mm 30pcs
7mm 20pcs
8mm 20pcs
10mm 10pcs




This product features Japanese-made glass pearl beads.

The color, created about 20 years ago, is characterized by a luster that closely resembles that of genuine Tahitian pearls.
It is a specially mixed color by skilled artisans at a Japanese bead workshop founded in the 1950s.

The pearl color, painstakingly applied over time, is resistant to peeling, ensuring longevity of use.

This item is available in Limited Stock.



The color is firmly painted, and due to the hard paint film, burrs can form on one side of the bead hole during the manufacturing process.

Recommended method for removing burrs from red beads
Use a thin and sharp pointed object such as a pencil, needle, T-pin, etc.
Push the burr into the hole.
If you are still concerned about the burr (the part that sticks out), push it in or crush it with your fingernail.
Cut the burr slowly and carefully by pushing it into the hole with a fingernail, crushing it, or using a cutter, etc.
Cut slowly and carefully.
It is not recommended to use a file.
(Because paint other than the part you want to remove may be easily taken away with it.)


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